The Central Australian Affordable Housing Company Ltd (CAAH) was founded by Tangentyere Council to represent a new way forward for Indigenous Community Housing.


Tangentyere Council is the major service delivery agency for the 18 Housing Associations known as ‘town camps’ in Alice Springs and began operations in the early 1970s and was first incorporated in 1979.


The Council was established to assist Aboriginal people to gain some form of legal tenure of the land they were living on in order to obtain essential services and housing. Tangentyere Council operates a range of family and youth services, a night patrol, day patrol and youth patrol, a research hub, an art centre, an aged and community care program, a community banking facility and five not for profit enterprises.


In December 2009, 14 of the 15 Housing Associations that held perpetual head leases over their Town Camps signed 40 year subleases of their land to the Commonwealth Government in return for a commitment of $100 million over 5 years to upgrade housing and essential infrastructure. Tangentyere Council negotiated with the government over a period of two years to get to this position.


Town Camp residents have been tenacious in their determination to stay on their own place. However, the right to control their own lives is still one which town campers must constantly assert.


In early 2016 CAAH lost the Tenancy Management contract for the Town Camps to a ‘for profit’ non aboriginal book keeping company.


CAAH are pleased to announce that this contract has been re-awarded to Central Australian Affordable Housing as at the 1st of June 2017. This is a significant win for CAAH and the Town Camp residents. We look forward to returning to this very important work


Over the last 7 years CAAH has also built a portfolio of urban housing in Alice Springs for Aboriginal people. To date we manage over 70 properties for working aboriginal people, seniors and those with a mental health disability. We have built 11 properties under the NRAS scheme and are currently refitting 10 properties for Renal patients and their families coming in from community. CAAH also works to end homelessness via its Private Rental Market Program – My Place; where we support working and low income people into the private rental market