What We Do

Tenancy Management Services

CAAHC’s core business is the provision of tenancy management and property management for both social housing and affordable housing tenants. We deliver the Property Management Services under CAAHC’s current structure and in line with the National Community Housing Standards.

CAAH  provides tenancy management to the Alice Springs Town Camps and property and tenancy management to  70 owned and leased properties in Urban Alice Springs.  We have community housing officers  who attends to; rent, arrears, inspections, ordering responsive maintenance, allocations, leases, processing organisational payments, vacancies and the RTA.

We have a highly relational and person centered approach to tenants and stakeholders. We have significant experience in the service delivery to customers with complex needs, some of which relate to:

  • Aging and disability
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Physical and mental health issues
  • Financial difficulties
  • Family violence and/or breakdown
  • Renal failure

Property Management Services

Property Management Services are CAAHC’s core business. Since the establishment of CAAHC in 2011, we have actively managed property on behalf of NT Housing whilst growing Alice Springs first community housing portfolio offering a mix of both social housing and affordable housing options.

Department of Housing Head-lease Program

Since February 2015, CAAHC has been the tenancy and property manager for the Elliot St and Dixon road complex’s through a Lease and Property Service Management contract with the Department of Housing. CAAHC has demonstrated the benefits of community housing management through impeccable rent management, streamlined and efficient allocations and extensive community engagement and consultation.

St Marys, Alice Springs

Since 2012 CAAHC has leased the St Marys precinct from the Anglican Church under a similar management arrangement to Elliot St. CAAHC delivers an integrated tenancy and property management service to the 12 residential premises on the site and the three commercial sites, which are leased to local social enterprises. We manage the property as an affordable rental housing product retaining all rent and paying for all outgoings.

Renal Housing, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

The Renal project is the refurbishment of 10 ex NTG properties in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

The objective of the project is to increase affordable housing for Indigenous Central Australian end-stage renal patients required to relocate from remote communities with their families and/or carers to receive ongoing clinical treatment in Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. CAAH has purchased existing social housing assets and is managing the refurbishment and redevelopment of the properties. CAAH will then provide property and tenancy management services for a minimum 10 year period to eligible tenants.