Residents’ Stories

Meet some of our residents and learn about how the Affordable Housing Company is helping.



The Central Australian Affordable Housing Company Ltd (CAAH) was founded by Tangentyere Council to represent a new way forward for Indigenous Community Housing.

Housing Associations

Each Housing Association (HA) community comprises of a largely distinct aboriginal community based on language and kinship groups.


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Minnie Joseph (Karnte Camp)

My name is Minnie Joseph I live at House 2 Karnte with my son, his partner and my...

Judith Ansell (St Marys)

I was born at Palmer Valley Station on the South Stuart Highway. I grew up in Alice...

Helen Gillen (Little Sisters)

My Name Helen Gillen I was born at Jay Creek Outstation I am a Luritja lady and lived in...

Chris Miller (Morris Soak)

Hello my name is Chris Miller and I live at 3 Lechleitner Street, Morris Soak. I was...

Toby Farmer (Karnte Camp)

My name is Toby Farmer and I live at house 1 Karnte Camp. I was born in Warukuna WA and...

Maureen Walker (Hoppy’s Camp)

My Name is Maureen Walker and I’m from Alice Springs. I have lived here all my life and...

Yammie Connelly (Karnte Camp)

My name is Yammie Connelly and I live at house 10 Karnte Camp. I was born at Armata...